Europe’s Broken Border and Integration Politics - A Critical View from Greece and Germany

The online lecture series aims to bring attention to the dehumanizing conditions which refugees experience at the EU borders. Through a combination of presentations of research outcomes, the discussion of social workers‘ experiences and activists‘ social and political engagement on the Island of Lesvos as well as the oretical reflections about participation and fundamental rights in the context of flight and migration different views and perspectives will be introduced.

23rd May, 3:00–6:30 pm / Zoom

Refugees living at the EU borders: Political and Social Developments in Greece
Prof. Dr. Nikos Xypolytas
Social Work under dehumanizing conditions in Lesvos, Greece
Konstantinos Zafiris

5th June, 3:00–6:30 pm / Zoom

Getting active -Being Part of ChangeSpeakers from various initiatives aiming to improve the situation in the refugee camps onthe Aegean Islands introduce their work and share their personal process of becoming active.

i.a. with Lesvos Solidarity, Moria Corona Awareness Team and EUrope Respect Human Rights Now.

27th June, 3:00–6:30 pm / Zoom

Participatory Human Rights and (Re)gaining/activating Power
Dr. Rebecca Gutwald, Lena Schützle & Prof. Dr. Tanja Kleibl

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