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Educating the personalities of tomorrow's society!

Deepen your rational capacities and develop your own personality through engaging with more than 2500 years of philosophy at the Munich School of Philosophy.

Experience the Munich Style of Life

Experience the Munich style of life whilst studying at the Munich School of Philosophy! Between the vivacity of a metropolis and the majestic natural beauty of the Alps and their uplands!

Sapere aude! – Dare to reason

As Kant demanded and before him Horaz. Find the perfect environment to flourish your critical mind while pursuing your studies at the Munich School of Philosophy.

Study at the Heart of Munich

Located at the heart of Munich's university district we are just a one minute walk away from the English Garden. Did you know it is the biggest inner city park in the world, being even bigger than the Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London?

Welcome to our International Students!

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The President of Munich School of Philosophy, Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Wallacher

Face the challenges of today: How can fair business and just global economic governance be achieved? What is the ethical limit of biomedics? How should the man-machine-interface in the age of digitisation be shaped? And what is the role of religion and spirituality in the modern world?

Tackle these (and many more) questions with us: Only a few meters from the English Garden, in the middle of Munich's university quarter, the HFPH offers excellent study conditions with modern rooms and a very favorable student-teacher-ratio.

Become part of our university family – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Wallacher
President of Munich School of Philosophy