8th International Degrowth Conference "Caring Communities for Radical Change"

Degrowth is a movement and a research field that proposes solutions confronting the roots of today’s crises. It explores these fundamental questions and many others: How do we confront the contradictions between endless economic growth and the ecological boundaries of our planet? What kind of society would ensure a good life for all, without wealth and power being hoarded by the few? How can we enable a just transition that halts over-extraction, over-production and over-consumption?

Caring Communities for Radical Change

24—28 August 2021 The Hague, The Netherlands


The contribution of the Center for Social and Development Studies (ZGF) "Radical Compassion on the personal and political level. Discourses, practices and challenges" will be listed part of the Key Conversation "Embodying Degrowth for a Healing Transformation".

Registration is open: https://www.degrowth.nl/registration