1.-5. Aug 2022: Crossculture Religious Studies - Summer School in Salzburg

Komm mit nach Salzburg und vernetze dich, höre spannende Vorträge und bringe deine eigenen Fragen ein. Reiche nun dein eigenes Paper ein oder melde dich einfach als Teilnehmende an. Wir freuen uns, Teil der Summer School zu sein. Schreib uns gerne, wenn du Fragen hast! zgf@hfph.de

What is this Summer School about?

During these four days you will hear various aspects of crossculture religious studies , e.g. ‘Crossculture- a methodical must in Religious Studies?’ or ‘Buddhist–Muslim Relations in Southeast Asia’, from different professors of the participating universities Haifa, Munich, Seoul, Nairobi, Yogyakarta and Salzburg.

Religions are global and local phenomena that are deeply connected with tradition, language and culture of certain places. They are also reaching out at the same time to ask timeless questions of the meaning of life, the condition of human existence and ethical implications. Religious Studies, therefore, always has to be intercultural and interdisciplinary. We believe the best way to understand religion is by raising questions and pursuing answers about it with a multiperspective attitude. Religious Studies is and should be a crossculture project. Postcolonial debates have just started to itemize various aspects of this agenda.

This summer school and the Crossculture Religious Studies Project are academic arenas, in which we can learn from each other how to understand our world with different perspectives.

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SummerSchool attendants need to register

  1. For the SummerSchool academic program REGISTER HERE.
    Information: atusa.stadler@plus.ac.at
  2. For the Salzburger Hochschulwochen, in which this SummerSchool is a part of, for housing, meals, cultural program and the program of the Salzburger Hochschulwochen. (REGISTER here), first registration of the SummerSchool will be served first) For help please ask atusa.stadler@plus.ac.at.
    Important notes:

ROOM: If you have a private room in Salzburg and do not need to book a room, book the „Wochenkarte“ only.
HELP & Information: If you have troubles in booking the Hochschulwochen, turn to atusa.stadler@plus.ac.at. for help.
BOOKING: English website for the Hochschulwochen-Booking is in construction. If you want to save your space, send an Email to atusa.stadler@plus.ac.
LANGUAGES:The SummerSchool ist in English, the Hochschulwochen will be in German. There well be English translation for all participants of the SummerSchool.


Apply for a student paper:

All students are allowed to hand in papers. The papers have to focus on problems of crosscultural relations and give a concrete field example. This can include academical, methodical, hermeneutical, philosophical, theological, or other relevant perspectives. Please send an abstract with 150 words to Prof. Martin Rötting (martin.roetting@plus.ac.at).


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