New book: Epistemic Injustice and Violence. Exploring Knowledge, Power, and Participation in Philosophy and Beyond - transcript 2024

The practice of philosophy has led to both emancipation and exclusion in society. Questions around how philosophy should be practiced, who should engage in it, and with which issues philosophy should deal are subject to debate and controversy.

This volume is dedicated to the special role of epistemic injustice and violence in philosophy. By shedding light on the inherent unjust structures of academic philosophy, the contributors to this volume help to better understand this powerful tool that impacts the academic landscape as well as individual and collective ways of being. From graphic novel to philosophical essay, they design a concept of transformative philosophy and offer various entry points to the conversation.

The anthology will be published in late summer and available as print and open access PDF version. It is edited by Lena Schützle, Barbara Schellhammer, Anupam Yadav, Cara-Julie Kather, and Lou Thomine.

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