July 19th 2023: Presidential Breakdowns in Ecuador and the role of nonviolent movements in them

Join María Belén Garrido's book presentation on Wednesday 19th of July, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm in Hörsaal of the Munich School of Philosophy. No registration needed.

See the book (in Spanish).

You are also welcome to join the workshop before at 2 pm. Students from Lima will discuss Political reconciliation from the perspective of epistemic constructivism. Please register via zgf@hfph.de.

María Belén Garrido serves as the director of the Regional Institute for the Study and Practice of Strategic Nonviolent Action in the Americas, while also working as a researcher at FLACSO Ecuador's Peace and Conflict Research Group. Her educational background includes a PhD from the Catholic University of Eichstaett/Ingolstadt, a Master's degree in Peace Studies, and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a major in International Relations.

In addition to her role at FLACSO, Ecuador, she has held positions as a lecturer and researcher at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Quito, Ecuador. Her research interests revolve around peace and conflict studies, specifically focusing on nonviolence. She has contributed to the field through the publication of articles, book chapters, and blogs. Furthermore, she has expertise in delivering trainings on peace education, nonviolent communication, mediation, and conflict resolution.