"The Depth of the Self" – Lectures


Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup: Introduction

Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl: "Self-Competence and Implicit-Explicit Interactions: Unconscious Rationality and Authentic Loss of Control"

Prof. Dr. Mark Solms: "Consciousness Itself is Affect: Felt Uncertanty in the Face of Oblivion"

Prof. Dr. Achim Stephan: "Can We Trust Our Emotions"

Prof. Dr. Marya Schechtman: "Hidden DEpth and the Meaning of Life"

Prof. Dr. Richard Lane: "Levels of Emotionale Awareness and the Transformation of Implicit Motives"

Prof. Dr. Georg Northoff: "The Self and its Brain - A Temporo-Spatial Approach"

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Frick: "The Ego-Self-Axis: Understanding the Self Beyond Identity

Dr. Lieke Asma: "What are Implicit Motives?"

Dr. Jean Moritz Müller: "Reasons, Responses, and the Taking Control"