Academic Publications

Philosophical Outputs: Completed Manuscripts

  1. Asma, Lieke. "Conscious Control and When it Matters."
  2. Asma, Lieke. "Neurowetenschappen en de Illusie van Vrije Wil."
  3. Brüntrup, Godehard. "Der Ort der Freiheit in der Natur- Eine metaphysische Skizze."
  4. Brüntrup, Godehard and Ludwig Jaskolla. "Tugend und Eudaimonie: Zum Begriff Demut in den Exerzitien des Ignatius von Loyola."
  5. Brüntrup, Godehard and Ludwig Jaskolla. "The Matrix-Analysis of Authenticity and the Relevance of Personal Projects."

Philosophical Outcomes: Published Papers originating Manuscripts/Outputs

  1. Brüntrup, Godehard and Ludwig Jaskolla. 2018. "Authentic Living and the Relevance of Personal Projects." Theologie und Philosophie 93.3: 389-408.
  2. Brüntrup, Godehard 2018. "Der Ort der Freiheit in der Natur." Streit um die Freiheit: Philosophische und theologische Perspektiven. Eds. Klaus von Stosch, Saskia Wendel, Martin Breul and Aaron Langenfeld. Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, 125-145.

Psychological Outputs: Completed Manuscripts

  1. Kehr, Hugo. "Goal Setting Theory – Firmly Entrenched, but Narrow in its Focus."
  2. Quirin, Markus / Tops, Marie / Kuhl, Julius. "Autonomy, Internalization, and the Integrative Self: An Integrative Systems Approach Towards Motivation and Volition."
  3. Quirin, Markus / Kerber, Andre / Küstermann, Ekkehard / Radtke, Elise / Kazen, Miguel / Konrad, Carsten / Baumann, Nicola / Ryna, Richard / Kuhl, Julius. "Autonomy or Alienation: Neural Correlates of Self-Chosen versus Introjected Goals."
  4. Tops, Mattie / Ijzermann, Hans / Quirin, Markus. "Neuropsychological Control Systems and Personality: Phylogenetic Roots, Hemispheric Transfer and Individual Differences in Updating Internal Models."
  5. Suslow, Thomas / Weil, Anna-Sophie / Quirin, Markus. "Why we should measure implicit affect – Links with autonomous nervous system reactions to emotional cues."
  6. Suslow, Thomas / Bodenschatz, Charlott Maria / Kersting, Anette / Quirin, Markus / Günther, Vivien. "Implicit affectivity in clinically depressed patients during acute illness and recovery."