Motivational and Volitional Processes of Human Integration: Philosophical and Psychological Approaches to Human Flourishing

An interdisciplinary research project at the Erich Lejeune Chair of Philosophy and Motivation in cooperation with the Chair of Psychology at the TUM School of Management. It is lead by Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup and Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr.

The project explores the question how people find motivation to realize their long-term and meaningful visions and life-projects which ultimately lead to human flourishing. We assume that the overall integration of various mental desires, impulses and capacities is the key that leads to authenticity and self-determination.

The project started in March 2018 and ends in March 2021. It is funded by the Templeton Religion Trust and comprises academic events, outreach activities, multi-media productions, as well as junior and senior scholar research.

If you are interested in the project's activities or want to get in touch with the project leaders, please refer to the administrative project-coordinator, Felix Beuing:

Munich, May 2018 - Godehard Brüntrup and Hugo M. Kehr

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For a pictorial and instructive impression of our project work, we are pleased to present our work here: