Symposium 2019

Normativity Beyond Borders

Symposium of the Rottendorf-Project Global Solidarity, 16thand 17thMay 2019
Hochschule für Philosophie, Aula

Globalisation continues to be a challenge for philosophy, too. It is yet to be seen whether and if so, how humanity will be able to recognise, investigate, negotiate and solve problems that arise from this unprecedented political, economic and cultural situation. While philosophers have made a number of suggestions, applying traditional normative theories to the global condition, the underlying concepts of normativity invite reflection. Are they enough to understand how norms and values evolve at the global level? Might we need new normative concepts? And how does normative change work? This symposium invites philosophers, political scientists, and sociologists to reflect on these issues.

Thursday, 16thMay 2019

14.00   Welcome and Introduction (Michael Reder/Munich)

14.15-15.45 Universalism, Critique, and the Global and LocalContestation of Norms

  • Franziska Dübgen (Münster): Epistemic Justice as a Condition for Normativity in a Globalising World. Preliminary Thoughts on Its Operationalisation
  • Antje Wiener (Hamburg): Contestation and Constitution of Norms in Global IR

16.15-18.30 Globalized Economy and Normativity

  • Lisa Herzog (Munich): The Political Economy of Knowledge and its Normative Dimensions
  • Regina Kreide (Gießen): Authoritarian Capitalism and the Eclipse of Global Normativity
  • Andreas Gösele SJ (Dortmund): tbd


Friday, 17thMay 2019

09.15-10.15 Rottendorf Lecture

  • Eva Illouz (Jerusalem/Israel): Emotions, Politics, and Normativity (via Skype)

10.30-12.00 Normative Hegemonies and the Role of Emotions

  • Sabine Döring (Tübingen): National Pride and Universal Human Values
  • Yannik Thiem (Villanova/US): Normativity So White: Queer Quandaries in a Transnational World

13.00-14.30 Democracy and Resistance

  • Tony Milligan (London/UK): The Ethics of Political Dissent
  • Howard Caygill (London/UK): The Metaphor of Planetary Resistance

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