Summer School: Minds - Human and Divine

Fürstenried Wolf


Organized by

Munich School of Philosophy
Institute for Philosophy of Religion

(Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup)


Call for Applications:

In recent decades, an increasing number of philosophers in the analytic tradition have begun to produce exciting philosophical work on topics which are traditionally part of the provenance of systematic theology. Funded by the John-Templeton Foundation and in co-operation with the Universities of Innsbruck and Frankfurt, the Munich School of Philosophy is conducting a multinational three-year project on Analytic Philosophy of Religion and on Analytic Theology, which aims to contribute to this development in a creative way. It funds systematic research to promote – at least in Europe – long overdue interdisciplinary cooperation between analytic philosophers and theologians. All research initiatives aim at examining the traditional questions of theology from the perspectives of contemporary Christian theology and analytic philosophy. Thus, the intersection of both fields will be explored and links between the traditions of classical European theology and analytic thinking will be established. Against the background of this project the Munich School of Philosophy is organizing a 

Summer School

Minds: Human and Divine –
Explorations at the Interface Between Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Religion


July 26, 2012 - August 4, 2012 in Munich, Germany 

Location: Fürstenried Palace (click for virtual globe trotting)

Directly following the summer school will be an international conference (August 6 - 9, 2012) on the same topic, where leading figures in analytic philosophy of religion will present papers (for more information on the conference click here).

The summer school will be taught by:

  • William Jaworski (Fordham University, USA)
    • Spirit in a Physical World: Can Eschatology Be Naturalized? 
  • Uwe Meixner (University of Augsburg, Germany)
    • Free Conscious Action and the Many Ways of Causation
  • Yujin Nagasawa (University of Birmingham, UK)
    • God and Consciousness

Recent PhDs (2006 or later) and current graduate students in philosophy and theology are invited to apply. We welcome applications from individuals of any philosophical persuasion with a strong interest in analytic philosophy vis-à-vis religious beliefs. The language of the summer school is English.

The organizers encourage submission of research papers by graduate students and recent PhDs. The papers should adress topics within the overall concept of the summer-school (Mental causation in general, agent causation, divine mental causation and God-world-relation, Christianity between physicalism and dualism...).

Three speakers will give courses on the above topics. To each topic three full days will be devoted. The teachers will organize the first half of their respective days according to their priorities in a more course- or lecture-like style before noon, in the afternoon the students will present material on different issues within the thematic framework in a more seminar-like fashion.

FundingIn most cases, the organizers will be able to cover the full expenses of successful applicants; in cluding tuition, travel, lodging and full-board (for both summer school and international conference). The specific terms will be negotiated on an individual basis.

The application process is now CLOSED. 
Applicants which have been accepted were notified by email. A secure website has been set up for further information. Participants have received an invitation to sign up to this website.

This summer school is supported by a generous grant of the:

John Templeton Foundation