International Conference: Minds - Human and Divine

Fürstenried Wolf

In recent decades, an increasing number of philosophers in the analytic tradition have begun to produce exciting philosophical work on topics which are traditionally part of the provenance of systematic theology. Funded by the John-Templeton Foundation and in co-operation with the Universities of Innsbruck and Frankfurt, the Munich School of Philosophy is conducting a multinational three-year project on Analytic Philosophy of Religion and on Analytic Theology, which aims to contribute to this development in a creative way. It funds systematic research to promote – at least in Europe – long overdue interdisciplinary cooperation between analytic philosophers and theologians. All research initiatives aim at examining the traditional questions of theology from the perspectives of contemporary Christian theology and analytic philosophy. Thus, the intersection of both fields will be explored and links between the traditions of classical European theology and analytic thinking will be established. Within the context of this project the Munich School of Philosophy is organizing an  

International Conference
Minds: Human and Divine – Explorations at the Interface of Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Religion

August 6 - 9, 2012



Location: Fürstenried Palace, Munich, Germany (language: English)

The conference begins on Monday, Aug. 6 at 2pm, and ends on Thursday, Aug. 9 after lunch at 1pm.

Address: Schloss Fürstenried, Forst-Kasten-Allee 103, 81475 Munich, Germany, subway U3, final stop "Fürstenried West."

Time-Table of the Conference (PDF)

Report on the Conference (in German)

Plenary speakers

(confirmed / open call for papers is now closed)

Christoph Jäger (Innsbruck)

Does Molinism Presuppose Theological Incompatibilism?

William Jaworski (Fordham)

Hylomorphism, Emergence, and Mental Causation

Armin Kreiner (LMU Munich)

Do We Need God?

Uwe Meixner (Augsburg)

First Causes: Divine and Human

Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham)

Pantheism and Holistic Panpsychism

Timothy O'Connor (Indiana)

Do Immaterial Souls Matter to Christian Theology?

Andrew Pinsent (Oxford)

Moral Perception and the Second-Person Perspective

Howard Robinson (Central European University Budapest)

A 'Trinitarian' Model of the Self

Godehard Brüntrup (Munich School Philosophy)

Creativity, Self-Transcendence, Final Causation

Thomas Schärtl (Augsburg)

The Argument from Consciousness and God's Consciousness

Christina Schneider (LMU Munich)

Agent-Causation – Three Paradigms for God’s Knowledge

Charles Taliaferro (St.Olaf College)

The Promise and Sensibility of Integrated Dualism

Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers)

Live, In Person: Cannibal Corpse! or, What's So Bad About Resurrection by Reassembly?

John Martin Fischer (UC Riverside)

Omniscience, Freedom, and Dependence

Stewart Goetz (Ursinus College)

"Purposeful" Explanation and Causal Gaps

Patrick Todd (Munich School of Philosophy/Innsbruck)

How (Not) to Solve the Problem of Theological Fatalism

Benedikt Goecke (Munich School of Philosophy/Oxford)

Panentheistic Reflections on God and the World

Daniel O'Brien (Oxford/Brookes)

God's Knowledge of Other Minds

David Hunt (Whittier College)

God’s Extended Mind

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How to get to Fürstenried Palace:

At the airport follow the signs to the S-Bahn. You will find the S-Bahn station in Terminal 1. You will need a ticket for 4 zones (10 Euro). You can take any S-Bahn (S1 or S8) that departs from the airport. After approximately 40-45 minutes you will reach „Marienplatz“. Exit the S-Bahn at Marienplatz.

If you arrive by train at Munich's Central Station: You will need a ticket for 1 zone (2.50 Euro).

  • Follow the signs to the S-Bahn and board any line heading towards the city center, exit at „Marienplatz“ (second stop).
  • From Marienplatz follow the signs to the U-Bahn (subway) and board the U3 travelling south towards „Füstenried West“.
  • Exit the train at „Fürstenried West“. 

From here you can either walk (10 Minutes):

  • Exit the train station to Neurieder Straße.
  • Follow Neurieder Straße west for 100m .
  • Turn right into Graubündner Straße.
  • Follow Graubündner Straße north for 700m.
  • Turn right into Forst-Kasten-Allee.
  • Follow Forst-Kasten-Allee east for 300m.
  • "Exerzitienhaus Schloss Fürstenried" will be on the right.

Or (on the same ticket) take the bus:

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