Media by Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup SJ

Video-courses on "Freedom" and "Suffering and Death"
(as contribution to the multi-media publication project "Kreuz und mehr" by the Catholic Bible Society, also available in book form)
[in German]

Online-Videos of a conversation with Prof. Dr. Gerd Haeffner on the question "Does there exist something like a good death?"
(as part of a multi-media publication project, 76 minutes playlist available on YouTube)
[in German]

DVD series of 6 lectures on metaphysics
(6 hours, commercial product available online at uni auditorium)
[in German]

Audio- and video-recording of a conference-talk on "Near-Death-Experience and the Mind-Body-Problem"
(64 minutes, commercial product available online at uni auditorium)
[in German]


Printed Articles

Philosophical photo interpretation:
Lagerfeuer unter dem Eisberg. Published in the German news magazine Focus 10.15 (2015): 10. [in German]

Column on Barack Obama and the Catholics in the U.S.:
Obama und die Katholiken. Ein Kommentar zum Ausgang der Wahl in den USA.
In: Communio (41) 2013, 691. [in German]



Interviews and Talks

Interview with Erich Lejeune: Brennpunkt Wirtschaft
(pulished by Mü, Nov. 2020)
[in German]

Interview about Near-Death experiences
(45 minutes, published by, October 2018)
[in German]

Online commentary on election campaigns and voting behavior of catholics in the US
(published by, June 2016)
[in German]

Interview on Transhumanism by the "Münchner Hochschulmagazin MHM N° 15 - Escape"
(published by Munich University of Applied Sciences, Summer Term 2016)
[in German]

Online commentary on Donald Trump and the primary elections in the US
(published by, March 2016)
[in German]

Philosophical talk on near death experience
(55 minutes, published by forum-grenzfragen, November 2014)
[in German]

Academic talk on brain research and its developtment over the past 10 years
(35 minutes, published by forum-grenzfragen, October 2014)
[in German]

Philosophical talk on the provability of God as part of the "BR Kinder Uni"
(45 minutes, published by Loyola Productions, April 2014)
[in German]

Academic interview about the the puzzle of consciousness, religious faith and the possibility of surviving our death
(conveyed and published by the wider-audience philosophy magazine Hohe Luft, May 2013)
[in German]

Interview with Dr. phil. h.c. Dr. h.c. Erich Lejeune in Munich's Museum for Ancient Art
(10 minutes, published by Loyola Productions, November 2011)
[in German]

Academic talk with Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley on the Nature of Consciousness, hosted by Dr. Maria Klaner
(3 parts, 30 minutes in total, published by Loyola Productions, September 2010)
[in German]

Interview on prudence
(printed in Faktor C - Das christliche Wirtschaftsmagazin, September 2010)
[in German]

Talk on Near Death Experience and Religious Experience
(partly published as podcast, 15 minutes, by forum-grenzfragen, September 2010)
[in German]



Press Review

Article about Prof. Dr. Godehard Brüntrup in the Fuldaer Zeitung
(April 2009) [in German]