Panentheism and Panpsychism

Godehard Brüntrup
Benedikt Göcke
Ludwig Jaskolla

Verlag brill
Innsbruck Studies in Philosophy of Religion, Band: 2
305 Seiten, 1. Auflage 2020 - Open Access
ISBN: 978-3-95743-730-3 (ebook); 978-3-95743-171-4 (kartoniert)

Panpsychism has become a highly attractive position in the philosophy of mind. On panpsychism, both the physical and the mental are inseparable and fundamental features of reality. Panentheism has also become immensely popular in the philo-sophy of religion. Panentheism strives for a higher reconciliation of an atheistic pantheism, on which the universe itself is causa sui, and the ontological dualism of necessarily existing, eternal creator and contingent, fi nite creation. Historically and systematically, panpsychism and panentheism often went together as essential parts of an all-embracing metaphysical theory of Being.
The present collection of essays analyses the relation between panpsychism and panentheism and provides critical reflections on the significance of panpsychistic and panentheistic thinking for recent debates in philosophy and theology.
BeiträgerInnen: Swami Medhananda, Karl Pfeifer, Theodore Walker Jr., Thomas J. Oord, Uwe Meixner, Philip Goff, Philip Clayton, James M. Arcadi, David Skrbina, Uwe Voigt, und Joanna Leidenhag