Idealism, Relativism, and Realism: New Essays on Objectivity Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide

Dominik Finkelde
Paul M. Livingston

De Gruyter; 1. Auflage 2020
300 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3110666823

Several debates of the last years within the research field of contemporary realism – known under titles such as "New Realism," "Continental Realism," or "Speculative Materialism" – have shown that science is not systematically the ultimate measure of truth and reality. This does not mean that we should abandon the notions of truth or objectivity all together, as has been posited repeatedly within certain currents of twentieth century philosophy. However, within the research field of contemporary realism, the concept of objectivity itself has not been adequately refined. What is objective is supposed to be true outside a subject’s biases, interpretations and opinions, having truth conditions that are met by the way the world is. The volume combines articles of internationally outstanding authors who have published on either Idealism, Epistemic Relativism, or Realism and often locate themselves within one of these divergent schools of thought. As such, the volume focuses on these traditions with the aim of clarifying what the concept objectivity nowadays stands for within contemporary ontology and epistemology beyond the analytic-continental divide.

With articles from: Jocelyn Benoist, Ray Brassier, Dominik Finkelde, Markus Gabriel, Iain Hamilton Grant, Graham Harman, Johannes Hübner, Andrea Kern, Anton F. Koch, Martin Kusch, Paul M. Livingstion, Paul Redding, Sebastian Rödl, Dieter Sturma.

Erscheint: April 2020.