Writing the Self [Verschoben auf den 14.12.2022]

Workshop für Studentinnen und Promovendinnen mit Dr. Reinekke Lengelle (Edmonton, CA)



Writing the self is the art and practice of using creative, expressive, and reflective writing to explore and express your story and to develop personal agency. Through guided writing exercises, you will tune in to what is true(r) for you and learn to live that more fully.

You can write to:

  • become kinder and more truthful with yourself
  • become more focused, inspired, and undivided in what you would like to do and study
  • develop your warm inner compass for a meaningful way forward in your career

Dr. REINEKKE LENGELLE is a researcher, poet, and associate professor with Athabasca University, Canada and The Hague University, The Netherlands. Her area of expertise is writing for personal development. She is the co-creator of “Career Writing” where writing narratively and dialogically is a means by which to develop and contemplate career identity. Her autoethnographic book “Writing the Self in Bereavement” (Routledge) came out in 2021 and has won two research awards, including the Qualitative Inquiry Book Award 2022


Mother said, father said, teacher said
I was born with gifts
but we didn’t always listen
I was made in ways I don’t understand
all I can do is unearth and remember
and feel for those places that call me home
sometimes I still pretend I am something else
and then, in moments, I know the blueprint exactly
and on those mornings, I wake up
and sing

- Reinekke Lengelle


Register until 18th October via gleichstellung@hfph.de