Center for Social and Development Studies


The Center for Social and Development Studies (German: Zentrum für Globale Fragen, ZGF), a Third Mission Institute of the Munich School of Philosophy, ...

... stands at the intersection of research and society.

It raises philosophical issues of global concern to initiate and support social and cultural transformation.

Traditionally, migration, environmental ethics/sustainability and intercultural studies have been the focal points of the ZGF (formerly Institut für Gesellschaftspolitik, IGP). The ZGF works closely together with the Chair for Intercultural Social Transformation (IST) and other institutes, e.g. the Institut für Ethik und Sozialphilosophie (IES), studying these and other topics.

The challenge of Transformative Research...

How can research itself become transformative? How can we approach research through a critical lens? How can we make sure that the content and method interact with each other in a productive manner?

Transformative Research means, that the ZGF-Team aims to:

  • critically analyze and scientifically investigate social issues, (inter)cultural phenomena and sociopolitical concepts methodically in an open and interdisciplinary manner;
  • become mindfully aware of their own blind spots, attitudes and strategies;
  • pay special attention to structural and sociocultural aspects of the issues studied;
  • promote global perspectives;
  • open a space to amplify the voices of the marginalized and poor;
  • utilize the tension between philosophy and practice to raise the awareness of the general public for global issues and to promote personal and social transformation.

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