Studies & Admissions (Free Mover and Erasmus+)

Find the study programme you are searching for. On this site you can find the information about the programmes offered by us as well the admission process and requirements: Degrees at Munich School of Philosophy, Enrolement, Incoming's Erasmus+ Program


We offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Philosophy
  • Philosophicum
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Ethics
  • PhD

Furthermore, our students can receive certificates for further specialisation:

  • Certificate of Leadership
  • Certificate in Global Solidarity
  • Certificate in Media Ethics
  • Certificate in Economical Ethic
  • Certificate in Medical Ethics


Degree Students

If you want to make your full degree at the Munich School of Philosophy you first have to take the following formal steps.


Recognition of Higher Education Entrance Qualification
The general requirement for studying at the Munich School of Philosophy is a valid Higher Education Entrance Qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung; Abitur, A-level) or an international equivalent. Certificates of previous qualifications may need to be provided for post-graduate courses.

Students without a German Higher Education Entrance Qualification need to have their documents checked in advance. A certified translation (English or German) are necessary in most cases. We also need an Academic Curriculum Vitae for clarification purposes. We may also contact you for additional information.

Please send the following documents as PDF by email to

  • school certificates
  • any third-level qualifications
  • any translations (english or german)
  • Academic Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.

After checking your qualifications, the Munich School of Philosophy can issue you a confirmation of admission, which you can use to apply for a visa as a student applicant. You can find more information on this here.
However, please note that you cannot enroll without providing proof of your language skills (see below)!

Important: Please bring the original and a copy of the certificate and any translations with you to personal enrolment.


Proof of sufficient German Proficiency:
To study at the Munich School of Philosophy, you need to have sufficient speaking, writing and reading skills in German. There are no courses in English at the Munich School of Philosophy yet.

The Munich School of Philosophy accepts the following certificates of proficiency in German:

  1. DSH-2
  2. TestDaf: At least level 4 in all four partial examinations
  3. Goethe Institute: C1
  4. "Deutsche Sprachprüfung II" from the Sprachen- und Dolmetscher-Institut München (Munich Language and Interpreting Institute, SDI)

You can find more information about language courses on the web pages of the Studentenwerk München (Munich Student Union).

Important: A language level of C1 (Common European Reference Framework of Reference for Languages) is a prerequisite for enrolment. You can aquire an admission without the required level and therefore come to Germany to advance your language skills.

We have an agreement with "Deutschkurse bei der Universität München (dkfa)" to provide you with an easy access to German courses.



There is an additional admission restriction for some study courses. You need to apply for these study courses.

Bachelor: Enrolment in the Bachelor program does not require admission. You do not need to apply.

Masters: Admission to the consecutive Master program is restricted.The prerequisite for applying is proof of a Bachelor degree with at least 90 ECTS in Philosophy or an international equivalent. The official deadline for application is 15th of July each year. Please send copies and translations of your certificates in good time to to be checked. Enrolment is only possible in the winter semester!
If you have not completed the last semester of your Bachelor degree by the application deadline, there is the option of a preliminary application. In this case, please submit your “Transcript of Records”. The Bachelor certificate can then be submitted at a later time.

Promotion/PhD: Admission to the PhD program is restricted. Please inform yourself of the general requirements for admission (certificates, previous studies, language skills and the general willingness to mentor by a professor). Please contact us at in good time.




Our semesters start in mid April and in mid October. Please refer to the schedule pages (German) for the dates on which you can enroll for the new semester.


Enrolment takes place online. Enrolling in the courses mentioned above is only possible if all specified documents and materials are provided.

  1. Please have your documents checked by the international office well in advance before the enrolment (see above).

  2. After your documents have been checked, you will receive a confirmation of admission.

  3. You must enroll online via our Campus Management System. Please register by clicking on Einschreibung or Bewerbung and choose the study programme you want to apply for. Once you are registered you can fill out the forms and upload all the relevant documents (even if you have sent them before by email). 
    • Please bring all the original documents to Germany. The HFPH reserves the right to check the originals at any time. Also we are obliged by the Bavarian State Agency for Statistics and Data Processing to collect data and have no influence on the questions asked

  4. The uploaded documents will be checked by our administrative staff during the enrolment period. Once the staff has accepted your forms and documents you will be asked to log in and pay the fees (the invoice will be ready for download on the Campus Portal). Please pay via bank transfer with reference to the invoice number.

    • Fees: 252.30 Euro per Semester
      (latest update SoSe 2023, the actual numbers of the fees might differ slightly)

      This amount comprises:

    • 100.00 Euro Administration Fee
    • 75.00 Euro Student Union Fee
    • 77.30 Semester Ticket for part time Public Transport in Munich

  5. After the money has been received the enrolment process is complete. You can download the enrolment certificate on the Campus Portal.

More relevant documents for the enrolment:

  1. Health Insurance Certificate
    Health insurance is obligatory in Germany.
    For this reason, you need to provide evidence of your health insurance or evidence of exemption from this requirement.

    Please submit a valid certification of student health insurance for the corresponding semester.
    International students can obtain more information on the topic of “health insurance” at the German Student Union.

  2. Official Certificate of Good Conduct
    In order to enroll, you must present or send to us an official certificate of good conduct. The easiest way is to apply for the certificate of good conduct personally in Germany. The receipt of your application for the certificate of good conduct is sufficient initially for enrolment.
    You can find more information on the certificate of good contact on the web pages of the German Federal Office of Justice.

  3. Passport photo

  4. ID Card or Passport with a valid residence permit or visa



Exchange Students (Incoming's for Erasmus+ Program)

If you want to stay for a semester or two at the Munich School of Philosophy you have to take the following steps.

What do I need to know?

You will receive all the necessary information at the beginning via the International Office of your home university. There you apply for a place in the Erasmus+ Program with us. As soon as your home university has nominated you, we will contact you by e-mail and inform you about the next steps.

Here you will find a checklist for incoming students, which lists the most important things you have to consider.

What do I have to do after I got nominated and accepted?

You need to send us the following documents for your enrollment (after your home institution has nominated you):

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Language Certificate
  • Scan ID-card
  • Scan passport
  • Scan insurance information

Please contact the international office for assistance or further information: