Philosophy in the Heart of Munich

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For almost a century by now students as well as teachers at the Munich School of Philosophy face the challenges of their time. Standing in the Jesuit tradition of 450 years of education, we offer all officially recognised degrees in philosophy including Bachelor, Master, PhD and Habilitation. Furthermore, we have a strong strand of postgraduate training, issuing certificates as well as Master degrees.

On our Campus in the heart of Munich’s university district, just a short hop away from the English Garden, we provide the best possible conditions to pursue ones studies, with modern lecture halls and a lecturer-student ratio hardly found at other universities. Part of our facilities is a well equipped library for Philosophy and Social Sciences. Within a walk of a few minutes the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek as well as the libraries of the Ludwig-Maximilians University and the Technical University Munich can be reached.

A student reading Kant's Critique of Practical Reason

Studying in the Jesuit Tradition: Flourishing of Persons

The traditional educational approach developed and applied by the Jesuit Order focuses on the human individual in its entirety. Its aim is to educate and form personalities, who self-consciously are able to shape the future according to rational goals. As the former Superior General P. Adolfo Nicholás Pachón SJ put it:

“It is not about training the best people of the world, but about training the best people for the world.”

At Munich School of Philosophy Jesuit professors and non-Jesuit staff together work successfully on the continuance of this educational tradition in the 21st century. Studying at our university means learning on the basis of 2500 years of philosophy how to analyse complex problems and how to justify ones rational goals and convictions.

Facts and Figures

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Degrees at Munich School of Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and the certificate “Philosophicum”
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy
  • PhD and Habilitation
  • Postgraduate Master programme in Ethics with modules in “Ethics of Intercultural Understanding”, “Media Ethics”, “Medical Ethics” and “Economic Ethics”.
  • Co-op certificates in “Philosophy and Leadership” and “Global Soldarity”
Number of Students
  • About 400 enrolled students (47% women)
  • In addition about 150 non-matriculated PhD students and Guest Students
  • About 11% of our enrolled students are international students
Research Foci
  • Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology
  • Philosophy of Psychology, Action and Motivational Theory
  • Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Digitalisation and philosophical questions on artificial intelligence
  • Practical and Political Philosophy
  • 11 Professorships
  • ca. 25 Junior Researchers and Postdocs
  • ca. 15 Administrative Personnel