What Does it Mean to Say that Injustice is "Systemic“?

Öffentlicher Vortrag (in englischer Sprache) von Sally Haslanger (Ford Professor of Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology) mit anschließender Diskussion.



Abstract: The terms ‘structural injustice’ and ‘systemic injustice’ are commonly used, but their meanings are elusive. In this talk, I sketch an ontology of social systems that embeds accounts of social structures, relations, and practices. On this view, structures may be intrinsically problematic, or they may be problematic only insofar as they interact with other structures in the system to produce injustice. Because social practices that constitute structures set the backdrop for agency and identity, socially fluent agents reproduce the systems, often unknowingly and unintentionally. The account aims to capture how agents both depend on and enact structures, and do so in ways that, as Ta-Nehisi Coates says, “land on the body.”


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